pecko.studiotm is a small design practise /is to remain on this scale/ established around 2013 by Michał Pecko /designer, lecturer at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk/. Our competence lies in graphic design for books and magazines, exhibitions and identities. We get commissions mainly from the art and design sector, working for local and international clients. We work with projects we like, in which we believe. We attach great importance to typographic choices to find a unique solution for each project. The studio's philosophy is based on the assumption that design /in any form/ should be functional. Our process is based on deep reaserch, analysis of the cultural context and dialogue with the client. Our aim is to create smart, thoughtful and visually sophisticated designs that, being firmly embedded in contemporary visual culture, are also marked by timelessness.
    Our work has been appreciated in competitions, among others: Grand Prix Project of the Year (2022, STGU); Ist Prize in Design for public Institutions category — Project of the Year (2022, STGU), Antalis Design Award — Ist Prize in Design category (2017); CFAD x Desplans x Library Illustrazioni — distinction (2018, 2019); two nominations in Polish Graphic Design Awards (2022); distinction (2016) & nomination (2022) in Most Beautiful Books of the Year competition (Polish Society of Book Publishers); nomination — Project of the Year (2018), Young Blood category. 


  • Graphic Design /both print & digital/ 
  • Editorial Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Branding Development
  • Illustration
  • Set Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Spatial Interventions


We love teamwork. Many projects were created in collaboration with major league designers, artists and specialists from various fields. Most of the photos presented on this website have been taken by Michał Algebra, Krzysztof Olechnowicz, Darek Dyr and Jankowska/Jakubczyk. Among the designers with whom we often work are: Ania and Maciek from chmara.rosinke studio /Essays on kitchens, System Magazine/, Ewa Kierklo and Stanley Kempa from Grupa Gdyby /1,2,3 sculpture can see/, interior designer Marta Koniczuk /Shakespeare Theatre, Euforma/, Agata Ruchlewicz–Dzianach running ARD Studio. We would not have been able to spread our wings if it had not been for the trust and close cooperation with curators and culture animators, as well as former coworkers and interns: Aleksandra Włodek & Aleksandra Tatarczuk /formerly Dwie Ole/, Helena Hołod, Andrzej Zagrobelny, Dorota Kucharczyk, Noemi Etush, Klaudiusz Grabowski, Monika Czajkowska-Kostka, Natalia Koralewska and Kuba Knera /Palma/, Violetta Jankowska, Aleksandra Kotarska, Zenon Pecko, Katarzyna Banucha, Bartosz Filip, Marta Stasiukiewicz.


Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk,
Contemporary Art Center Laznia,
Gdańsk City Gallery,
National Museum in Gdansk,
Design Centre Gdynia,
Eurpean Solidarity Centre,
Metropolitan Area Gdańsk–Gdynia–Sopot,
The Emigration Museum, 
Shakespeare Theatre,
The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre,
Archaeological Museum in Gdańsk,
Gdańsk City Council,
Palma Foundation,
Gdynia Design Days,
Gdańsk City Museum,
Crane Agency,
University of Gdansk,
SBM Label,
Universitat der Kunste Berlin,
Theatre Institut in Warsaw

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